Some usefull Dukan Diet recipes!

If, like me, you’ve started on the Dukan Diet and are finding it a wee bit tricky to create decent meals that will allow you to stick to the diet and tickle your taste buds at the same time, here’s some of my favourite tried and tested recipes.

*suitable for Pure Protein days*



  • 200g Salmon
  • 1 red chilli, sliced
  • 4 spring onions
  • Handful fresh coriander, chopped
  • 1 egg
  • 2 teaspoons finely chopped lemongrass
  • Salt and pepper
  • Olive oil


  1. Put everything but salmon in the blender until finely chopped
  2. add salmon, salt and pepper to taste, and blend again until similar to mince (it will be quite sloppy)
  3. spray some oil in hot frying pan
  4. Spoon tablespoons of the mixture into pan.  If it starts to spit, turn the heat down
  5. Let one side really seal before trying to turn over (like an omelette)
  6. When firm and golden brown, they are ready
  7. To make a nice dip mix 1 tbsp of greek yoghurt with 1 tsp Philledelphia and 1 tsp parsley and dollop on top
  8. On P/V days serve on a bed of rocket



  • 2 large or 3 small Chicken Breasts
  • Ham (I used 12 small slices for 3 small Chicken Breasts)
  • 3 big spoonfuls of Cottage Cheese
  • Cracked Black Pepper
  • about 1 tsp Ground Sage Leaves
  • Olive Oil spray


  1. 1. Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees. Lightly spray a small oven dish with Olive Oil, gently wipe away excess oil with paper towel.
  2. 2. In a small bowl mix together the Cottage Cheese, Black Pepper & Ground Sage
  3. 3. With a sharp knife cut a pocket into the side of each Chicken Breast, being careful not to cut the whole way through the Chicken.
  4. 4. Spoon the Cottage Cheese mixture into the Chicken Breast pockets. Try and close the Chicken Breast back together if you can by pinching the chicken with your fingers.
  5. 5. Wrap the Chicken Breast with the slices of Ham, covering the opening first.
  6. 6. Place the Chicken Breasts in the oven dish, evenly spaced apart.
  7. 7. Bake for approximately 40-45 minutes. I had to cover my dish with foil after 15 minutes as the Ham was starting to brown very quickly.

* Suitable for Protein/Veg days*

STUFFED PEPPERS (seriously tasty!)


  • 1 large Onion
  • 2 cloves Garlic
  • Olive Oil Spray
  • 1 tin Chopped Tomatoes
  • 2 tsp Chicken Stock Powder
  • 1/4 cup Water
  • 2 bell peppers
  • 200g Turkey Mince
  • 2 tsp Cayenne Pepper
  • Freshly cracked Black Pepper
  • 1 tbsp Philadelphia Extra Light


  1. Pre-heat your oven to gas mark 5.
  2. Finely chop the Onion and Garlic.
  3. Spray a non-stick frying pan with Olive Oil, wipe excess away.
  4. Saute Onions and Garlic until translucent.  
  5.  Add Mince to the pan and brown.
  6. Stir in the tin of Tomatoes, Soy Sauce, Chicken Stock and Water. Allow to simmer until some of the liquid has evaporated.
  7. Wash and cut the tops off the peppers.Using a teaspoon, remove the membrane and seeds inside the capsicum. If there are some seeds stuck a quick rinse will do the trick.
  8.  Once filling is ready, fill the Capsicums with the mixture using a teaspoon and firmly pack it in. Top with the Philadelphia and sprinkle with some parsley or oregano.
  9. Place the peppers in a baking dish filled with about 3 tablespoons of water and bake for 30 minutes.

(please note image is stock image – can’t use rice or parmesan for this recipe!)



  • 100g pork
  • 100g turkey breast
  • 75g king prawns
  • 1 onion
  • 1 leek
  • 1 pepper
  • 1 green chilli
  • handful button mushrooms
  • 1 tsp chinese five spice
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce (reduced salt)
  • handful cherry tomatoes
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • 1 garlic clove


  1. Thinly slice all veg and meat.
  2. Fry onion and garlic in oil on a high heat.
  3. Coat meat and prawns in chinese five spice then add meat to the pan and quickly brown.
  4. Throw in the leeks, mushrooms and peppers and toss.
  5. Add prawns, soy sauce and cherry tomatoes and cook through.

My Dukan Diet CRUISE Stage: Day 6 Green Tea rocks and Davina’s DVD kicks ass (as in mine, literally!)

Current Weight: 9 st 1 = Total Loss: 5 lb … YALDI!! 🙂

Water: 1.5 litres plus 3 cups of green tea   Excercise: 30 mins of Davina DVD “Pump” ouch!

What I ate today …

Breakfast: 250 ml Onekin’s fat-free vanilla yoghurt

Lunch: 2 stuffed chicken breasts

Dinner: chicken and ham omelette

Snack: another 250 mls yoghurt and cup of hot chocolate made with skimmed milk and sweetened with Canderelle

Total calories: 1100 (ish)

How I’m getting on …

Hello lovelys! That’s me now into my third week on the Dukan diet and I’ve lost an impressive 5 lb and am beginning to see a slight difference around my waistline – about 1/2 inch lost around both my waist and hips. I’m finally starting to get used to the diet and finding it easier to alternate pure protein and protein and veg days with just a few little slip ups (mainly consuming 500 calories worth of cranberry juice and buying full fat instead of low-fat greek yoghurt on monday and having some forbidden carbs on sunday in the form of rice with my 5bean chilli – bad Laura!)

Despite that I’ve still managed to lose 1 lb and I think drinking green tea has helped a lot – I’m currently knocking back 3-4 cups a day after replacing my beloved Tetleys with Twinings pure green tea. Green tea is rich in catechin polyphenols (powerful antioxidants) which benefit health, lower cholesterol and speed up your metabolism, hence why it’s so popular with dieters. Green tea wont dissolve fat on its own, but drank along with a healthy eating plan or diet like DD it can be a really useful weapon in a dieters arsenal! The taste takes a little getting used to (it’s no Tetleys!) but I’ve been drinking it for quite a while now and I really love it!

As for today, I’ve had a bizarre lack of success when it came to eggs! Overcooked my microwave eggs this morning to the point where I’d invented egg chewing gum – they were so rubbery they were inedible (luckily I had some yoghurt in the fridge as a backup), then managed to burn my omelette dinner so only ended up eating half of it 😦

Exercise over the past few days hasn’t been great – due to the lovely Scottish weather (turns out all that talk of summer being here was just a rumour and we’re back to our usual down pour and gale force winds that no brolly can withstand!) I didn’t manage to get my 30 min walk in until last night but today I did 30 mins of Davina’s Pump workout. Basically ita a gruelling half hour of squats and lunches with weights broken up by minute long stings of star jumps!!! It’s tough but brilliant and even though I’m probably not going to be able to walk tomorrow, if I do this once a week I’ll have buns of steel before I know it!!

Oh I came across this the other day on Flikr, as a calorie counter it made me smile – stress is a massive cause of illness in the UK, so maybe its best to ignore those traffic light pie charts now and again … why they put them on calorific deserts is beyond me – the whole point of indulgence is to make you happy, not freak you out even more through the knowledge that you’ve just consumed half your calorie intake for the day!  Minus my previous toad in the hole/rice incidents I’m doing ok at avoiding carbs although I’m seriously craving cupcakes! may try to make some with oatbran if I ever find the bloody stuff – if anyone knows where to but some in glasgow please let me know! x

My Dukan Diet: CRUISE STAGE day 2

Weight: 9 st 2 (meaning a total loss of 4lb after 12 days on the Dukan Diet 🙂 )

Water: 1.5 litres plus 3 cups of green tea

Breakfast: 300 ml Fat-free vanilla yoghurt

Lunch: Prawn, turkey and ham omelette

Dinner: Stuffed turkey breasts (very tasty!)

Snack: 100 ml Fat-free vanilla yoghurt

Calories: 1368    Exercise: 30 min walk, 30 mins of Davina’s Cardio Box DVD!!

If you read my previous diet post you’ll know I recently started the popular Dukan Diet but had some difficulty sticking to it. My main problem has been finding interesting ways to create meals on the pure protein days, but after having a read of a few Dukan Diet blogs I’ve become more inspired and a lot more motivated. Today was a pure protein day and I managed to have three tasty and protein-packed meals and feel surprisingly full. Also upped my exercise by going Davina’ McColl’s Power of Three Cardio Box dvd. It’s so much fun and really got me sweating – while I felt exhausted afterwards I feel so much better now! Planning to do this and her other workouts three times a week and 1 hour of swimming as well.

I’ve also roughly planned my meals for the next three days (I think this is where I was falling down before). The key to succeeding on the DD is forward planning – know what you’ll eat and make sure you have a stocked fridge – the main staples I make sure I always have are turkey mince, chicken, ham, low-fat cottage cheese and yoghurt, eggs, onions and phillie extra light.

Also realised I made a major mistake when it comes to a key factor of the DD – oat bran. That’s OAT BRAN, not to be confused with porridge oats, which I’ve done for the last few days! Apparently oat bran is finer and made from a different part of the oat husk, and most importantly much much lower in evil carbs (speaking of carbs, I half expected to turn into a monster from carb-withdrawal but instead I’m finding much easier to live without them than I thought … although I still miss whole grain toast with my scrambled eggs!) I’ve been struggling to find oat bran in somerfield, but luckily Sainsburys seem to sell Mornflake Original Pure Oat Bran at £1.41 for 500g so I’m gonna try to grab that tomorrow so I can enjoy some guilt free porridge and have a go at these Dukan Gallettes that I keep reading about (I’ll let you know how they work out.)

Also decided I’m going to go against Dukan’s advice and weigh myself just once or twice a week instead of everyday, as my weight seems to fluctuate so much and its quite demoralising seeing it suddenly go up one day when it will just come down again a day later.

With the added exercise and my motivation up again I’m hoping to shift another 2lb and reach my first mini target of 9st by next week. Fingers crossed!!

Oh and here’s a really helpful link for interesting recipe ideas: x

The Dukan Diet ATTACK Phase – 7 days finished, did it work?

Start weight: 9st 6lb  Goal weight: 8st 5lb = Total Amount to Lose: 17lb

say hello to your new best friend – protein!

In my last post I introduced The Dukan Diet, which I’ve started on in an attempt to lose just over a stone. It’s now been 7 days since I started on the initial Attack phase, and it did work up until last night when I majorly fell off the wagon! (and into a massive portion of Toad in the Hole – it was amazing, but it put paid to all my hard work! GUTTED!)

Anyway, before last night’s major fat/carb fest – which I’m now really seriously regretting – things were going fairly good. For those of you not familiar with Dukan’s diet/regime, the first of four phases is the Attack phase where you cut out all the really good things in life; saying goodbye to carbs, fatty foods, alcohol, and even fruit and veg(!) and instead say a big hello to your new best friend – PROTEIN!

On the menu are low-fat proteins – lean cuts of meat, chicken, turkey, fish, seafood, non-fat dairy, eggs and lots of water (be prepared to pee a lot!) … and that’s your whack. Duckan also suggests veal and swordfish, unfortunately my budget only stretched cod and chicken (am against eating veal anyway), and this brings me on to a major drawback of The Dukan Diet – the price! I seemed to be continuously food shopping for meat and struggling for interesting ways to make up a meal based entirely on proteins i.e one example dinner was 2 pieces of cod served with 2 slices of ham and 2 boiled eggs mmm yum!

While the pure protein meals are pretty bland the big plus side is that you see the weight come off instantly. Unlike a lot of diets, Dukan advise you weigh yourself every day and I was pleasantly surprised to see I’d lost 2lb after my first day on the diet (pretty sure it was all water weight, but still its a start.)

Dukan advises 20-30 mins of walking a day, which I usually manage anyway on the walk home from work, but I found quite it quite tough on my first day as I felt I had no energy and was extremely tired. If you’re doing this diet make sure you’re hydrated!

In the next two days I lost 1 lb a day, bringing me down to 9st 2lb, up until this morning That is, when the effects of my fatty Toad in the Hole binge became apparent – back up to 9.4! (I think I tried to justify to myself that eggs+sausages were still protein so ok, but my brain seemed to skip over the alarming fat content.. ah well live and learn!)

After the attack phase you’re meant to go onto an alternating phase on 1 day protein/1 day protein and veg, however after my lapse last night I’m adding on an extra 2 days or pure protein to get myself back on course. Seeing the weight go back on has given me a kick up the arse, so hopefully I’ll stick it out for a while longer!

Here’s an example of a day’s menu for me on the diet:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs (1 egg + 1 egg white + 1tbsp skimmed milk)

Snack: 100ml fat-free yoghurt + drizzle of honey (technically Dukan doesn’t allow honey)

Lunch: turkey meatballs and 2 tsp low-fat cottage cheese

Dinner: 2 salmon fillets and 2 more tsp cottage cheese

Snack: 150g yoghurt plus honey

About 2 litres water + 4 cups of green tea

Total calories = 1168    Total Protein = 123g

Dukan give you a list of 72 protein rich foods from which you can each as much as you want and advises against counting calories, but I’m glad I didn’t follow that last bit as most days I found myself struggling to eat over 1200 calories and some days, without adding in yoghurt and a glass of milk, I would’ve been eating as little as 870 calories!

Eating less than 1200 can seriously affect your health and could undermine your weight loss, as not getting enough calories means your body starts to use up muscle instead of fat – not good as the more muscle tone you have, the more calories you ultimately end up burning!

So my conclusion on the Dukan Diet’s ATTACK Phase?

Well, after six days of sticking to the diet fairly strictly I lost 4lb, so yes the initial phase of the diet offers   some considerable weight loss in a short space of time, but be warned – one slip and it can go straight back on again! It’s really tough to follow and your meals are seriously bland and boring – meat, fish, yoghurt, eggs, meat, fish, yoghurt, eggs … but at the end of it you do lose some weight and end up really craving veggies, which is your next reward! (well I also ended up craving carbs carbs carbs, and fruit and cake and alcohol – none of which is permitted till the consolidation phase … sob!)

I’m not entirely sure what is so awful about wholemeal bread and fruit – which are both prohibited. While I’m trying my best to avoid carbs, I’m allowing myself a little fruit in the form of blueberries to jazz up my porridge and yoghurt. Hopefully in the next few days I’ll get back down to 9st 2, add some veg and up my exercise but I’m determined to regularly post my progress to keep me motivated and avoid any more Toad in the Hole incidents.

Wish me luck!!

The skinny on the Dukan Diet – does it really work?

If, like me, you’ve suddenly noticed that Summer’s round the corner and it might be a good time to shift a few pounds (well more than a few in my case!), you’ve probably heard of The Dukan Diet.

Head over to Amazon and you’ll find Pierre Dukan’s book sitting quite comfortably at the top of the best-selling diet book charts – the fact that Kate Middleton was rumored to have used the diet to slim down for her royal nuptials might have something to do with this, while J. Lo and Gisele Bundchen are said to have used the diet to return to their pre-baby weight! The diet that took France by storm makes the impressive claim that it will put an end to obesity and will help you lose weight and keep it off forever. What’s better is its half price – for just £4 I figured it was worth a go!

So, while it certainly seems to be the diet du jour, does The Dukan Diet really work?

What is the Dukan Diet?

It’s the “fat attack” diet devised by doctor/nutritionist Pierre Dukan which French women apparently swear by. Dukan states that his approach to weight loss is not a fad diet but rather a completely different approach to eating, promising two steps to loosing weight and two to keeping it off for good. Dukan says you can eat as much as you want (as long as what you want is pure protein that is!) Yep, that’s right – say goodbye to carbs. Dukan’s diet is pretty much like Atkins, only much stricter! More like a regime, it’s not for the faint hearted! It does, however, promise fast and permanent results.

The diet takes the form of four different stages – Attack, Cruise, Consolidation and Stabilisation.

The Attack Phase is the Dukan fatblaster – from 2-10 days of pure protein including lean meats, chicken, turkey, fish, seafood, low-fat dairy products and lots of water. You can lose up to 7lbs during this stage which is incredibly motivational for you to stick with the diet!

The Cruise Phase is the next stage of the diet which you stay on till you reach your goal weight by introducing certain veggies, alternating between pure protein days and protein plus veg in a 1/1 pattern.

The Consolidation phase is what you progress to once you’ve got down to your target weight. This stage is designed to ease you back into a normal eating pattern without piling the pounds back on and introduces fruit and wholegrains.

The Stabilisation Phase is the final part of Dukan’s program which returns you to normal eating, but advises you to keep doing one day of pure protein (meh). For some reason, Dr Dukan reckons Thursdays are best.

Sounds fun huh? Ah well, what diets are?! There’s a lot said about the Dukan diet, both good and bad. Lots of people reckon a diet based on protein alone isn’t good for as you’ll be missing out on essential vitimins you get from fruit and veg, but as the diet reintroduces veg in as little as 2 days in, I don’t think this should be too big a concern.

The main thinking behing the predominantly protein diet is that it takes the body more energy to process proteins compared to fats and carbs, so by consuming more protein, your body’s immediately burning more calories.

Another good thing about The Dukan Diet is that – as the Amazon stats prove – it’s incredibly popular and the net is filled with tons of stories from genuine people who have recorded their progress online and found success (two that I’ve found pretty encouraging are and There’s even online communities and websites dedicated to the diet, so just by typing The Dukan Diet into a search engine you’ll find plenty of online resources, advice, recipes and forums to keep you motivated.

I’m gonna try stick to this one as I’m determined to get back down to 8.7 stone (according to the Dukan website my ideal weight is 8.3 but I’m gonna set this as my initial target and see how it goes!) For a bit of extra motivation I’ll blog my progress here to let you know if it really does work!! Next post – the results after finishing the attack phase.